Company PETER GFK spol. s.r.o. offers complex solutions of orders to its customers in the area of the production of plastics reinforced with glass fibres. We provide all services, which are required for the development of new parts via the actual production up to the final treatment of the products and dispatching to the customer. To enable achieving the best quality, all such services are provided in compliance with the latest technologies and are covered by the application of quality and tested materials.
The whole process starts by co-operating with the customer, when we design the best possible solution according to the requirements of the customer. Consultations consist in the identification of the direction, in which the follow-up production should go, and what the final design of the product will be. To achieve it, we work with 2D drawing documentation and, of course, with 3D data.
Design and preparation of production:
Production of models and moulds:
On the basis of the said data, we can start with the production of the models, which is realized by means of CNC milling or manually. After successful production of the models, it is time to produce the moulds. These operations are the most demanding ones in terms of time and finances and it is important to perform them with utmost care. To achieve the highest quality, we have our own modelling and fitterĀ“s workshop.
Production of prototypes and measurement:
Now nothing stands in the way to the production of prototype parts. We ensure their production by means of a portable 3D measuring arm so that everything matches according to the entered requirements. After the approval by the customer, we can proceed to the actual serial production.
For the production, we use RTM Technology and contact laminations (more in the section about used technology).
For the produced parts, we also ensure finishing operations, such as:
Automation and finishing operations PF7569/1:
Trimming of parts to discretionary shapes by means of three automatic robotic workplaces that are used by our company or with hand tools.
Professional varnishing boxes
Robotic trimming workplace
Gluing of individual parts, gluing of metal pressed parts etc. by means of gluing equipment
Last but not least, we ensure the final treatment with varnishing. To achieve it, we have several professional varnishing boxes but also drying boxes, where it is possible to test the parts according to the technological regulations too. Preparatory operations of the surface before the varnishing are a matter-of-course to us.
Assembly operations, which include inserting locks, lighting items, grab handles, holders etc.
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